“I loved the fact that she had her laptop there to share possible poses w/ me that she found for me. Really appreciated the music she played to help me relax & then to help bring out my inner vixen. Her communication before, during & after shoot about expectations for both me & her were very helpful. At no point was I left feeling like I should have done this or that. Arranging the hair & makeup stylist that gave me a dreamy look suitable to her shooting style.
I guess the fact that I know Cathy Empey is so many people in 1 package I was able to connect w/ her & trust her & just enjoy this moment that my husband had gifted to me. Not only she is a photographer, a mother, sister, daughter, aunty, she's a true long term & now long distance friend, a runner, a dancer, & a lover of all things beautiful! She has an appreciation for everyone & their unique qualities & how those differences are important 'cause man would the world be boring if we all looked the same! But that she is then able to capture that uniqueness in the lens!  
You only have to see her smile & hear her laugh to know you've made the right choice for a photographer!!”

~Mrs. W